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Nikki Miller is the founder and president of Shekinah Glory Living Praise Ministries

After graduating with a Bachelor and Master degree in Psychology, Ms. Miller started her career in a community Mental Health center and a crisis center. Later, Ms. Miller spent years working with the Montgomery County Department of Corrections. She has 45 years of clinical experience addressing the needs of victims and survivors within various treatment modalities.

Her extensive experience and expertise has inspired her to start a humanitarian initiative in order to address the needs of vulnerable populations. Over the years, she has seen various social economic issues and felt compelled to to start her non-profit organization.

Shekinah Glory Living Praise Ministries Inc. is a nonprofit with the mission of empowering disadvantaged youth, victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, as well as family members coping with the aftermath of trauma. Lack of accessibility to clinical intervention and protection for vulnerable populations creates a devastating impact on the lives of many. It’s common for children to take on the blame for separation and breakdown of family relationships.


SGLPM, INC. offers supportive services to address the respective needs of those in need. The organization

provides age specific educational programs, financial literacy coaching, mental health intervention services, vocational training, as well as various intervention modalities to promote positive self esteem and healthy lifestyles. Its mission includes initiatives that focus on supporting and helping disadvantaged children, sexually abused victims, domestic violence as well as vulnerable population ( mentally ill etc.) via various treatment interventions.

For example, it has orphanages, safe haven for battered women, their children.

It empowers disadvantaged youths, victims of domestic violence, and sexual abuse and those vulnerable. 




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